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Today I started my day with power yoga at 09.00 at my favourite studio in the 1st district, Body Concept Vienna. What a value add to the day! Getting to know yourself every day a little more. As a HSP (highly sensitive person) I highly recommend you to pay a bit more attention to yourself and your stress zones during every day. I personally discovered yoga first in Bali during the period when I could not deal with internal and external stress anymore. Constantly getting rid of mental garbage is one of the best things one can regularly do.

Why is so important to manage stress?

Being a person with a high emotional IQ, your brain lets in more information, making you both creative and easily overwhelmed, which leads to a vulnerability to stress. Don’t worry, you can consider yourself to be a special person, since you can perceive things and emotions in a different ways than the other, however on the other side, your predisposition to depression and being reactive to stress is high.

Let us think solution oriented.

Based on my personal experience, I used to live up and downs of any kind, had the feeling of being “stuck” on the way, crashing down in front of the imaginary wall in front of my eyes. I felt very deep connections to some people and always searched for reasons, why things are as they are. The “Why” in my opinion, is a very important question. We just cannot go blind through life without asking ourselves WHY do I have these feelings, why a situation keeps repeating itself again and again, why do I feel thrilled, happy or why do I feel worried and sad.

The real problem is, people live in their own illusions of reality and they are not even aware of it.

I can validate the following solutions from a personal point of view:

Solution nr.1: clearly communicate what you need

Don’t assume that the other people will guess by chance what you have in mind. Perhaps there will be situations when you will be very well connected to only some people and no words are needed, but in general you have to be clear about what you want. As a highly sensitive person, your perceptions about the reality might be very complicated.

Solution nr.2: build your self-esteem

A low self-esteem can cause lots of negative thoughts that bring you into a depressive state of mind. Pay attention when you say something bad about yourself and when you are judging yourself! Perhaps you understand very good, when one seeks for external approval in order to boost their confidence. If you feel that you constantly need the approval of others, you might have a low self esteem. Work on that.

Start with your beliefs about yourself. Who are you?

Solution nr. 3: change the way you think

Stress can lead some people to unhelpful behaviour, which in turn causes more stress, damages relationships and can trigger a downward spiral into depression. First step would be to become conscious about what you are thinking, replace the content of your thinking with better thoughts. Take a step back and reassess the situation instead of immediately react.

Here a good article where you can quickly assess if you are a person with high emotional IQ and how can you work on that: Click me

People with high EQs master their emotions because they understand them. Become one of them!


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