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“They say that if you don’t believe in magic, you’ll never find it. But magic is something you make. Children see magic because they look for it.”

I was thinking to share with you my point of view related to the so wished for …”life balance” and how to achieve it. Either @home, @office or in any other activity, you need balance. Not having a balanced life might push us to use our energy for unproductive purposes; we might end up hurting ourselves or the people around us. The good thing is that you can also start on working for your life balance, right now. Below some inspirational tips from my side on how you can work on it:

Healthy food – maybe it’s time to start paying more attention to what you eat every day.  Choose, as much as possible, foods that are more natural based on plants, organically grown vegetables from the area where you live and less processed. You will feel healthier, protect the environment, life of the animals and the welfare of others. I personally enjoy having asian lunch or dinner, therefore rice, chicken, vegetables and sushi are my best foodie friends.

Spend more time in the nature – Drive less, go by foot, take a walk, take a bicycle, use more frequent transport. What I do: I make abuse 😉 of my inline skates on weekends and/or play beach volleyball indoor and outdoor a smuch as I can.  

Don’t forget the triangle: question, introspection and integrity – Be always alert and attentive around you to gather as much informations as possible about life, family, religion, good and bad and any other aspect may be of use for you. Then make introspections and know yourself, identify your values, set your priorities, follow your talents and interests and seek ways to combine them all in a productive way. Live with integrity and put all your skills and values in practice. Hm.. maybe we could talk in the next blog article within the “Mindfulness” category about how to make introspections ;).

Make friends – discuss with your loved ones and discover that other people also might be dissatisfied with the path that this world is going through. You will be able to change your opinions and experiences and you will change your life more easily. Know your neighbors, make friends and create a united community. What I do: I try to interact to many people given any occasion and try to understand them and see things from their point of view. It’s fascinating. You can easily connect with each type of personality by finding out what motivates them in life.

Fight for a change – spare some of your time and resources to push forward changes around you. Get involved by helping old people, orphaned children. You will enjoy the real satisfaction that you have managed to improve at least one day in the life of an unhappy human being. And here we go again .. how to make the world a better place .. I try to make out of this blog a personal experience and share it with you. Maybe one day it will inspire you in a good way 🙂

4R: rethink, reuse, repair, recycle  as much as possible, rethink the use of products that are not strictly necessary, are not recyclable, consume too much, are toxic. When you buy something, choose to be as useful, efficient, legal, healthy as possible. Then reuse what you can, repair what’s broken, and recycle when you really have nothing to do with that object. And, somewhere between the four Rs, consider and borrow an object instead of buying it. Or if you can share with friends and neighbors the goods, do it, and teach them to rethink the purchase of unnecessary products and waste. I have to admit, here I am pretty bad but my flatmate is taking care of this topic so I am learning;).

Change education – people need relevant information, tools to think analytically, and motivation to live meaningful lives and contribute to a better world. I always try to combine each other as much as I can, actually I could not take care of only one side. I recommend soft skills courses like “Leading Self” and “Building Relationships” in order to get insights on how different people are, how you can interact with different people and how to successfully manage the differences between you and rest of the world. It helped me to grow being able to see things from other points of view.

Nevertheless ..

Fight for the balance – set realistic goals for you and your family. “More Good, Less Bad” describes a goal that you should always have in mind and guide any decision and especially any uncontrolled reaction.

I think that as soon as you start to balance your life, magic starts to happen. Yes, that magic that we are all looking for. So start looking for it!

I am curious about your goals that guide your decisions in life 🙂 What is it that motivates you? Do you think you have a balanced life right now? I appreciate your thoughts!

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