The obstacles to Presence, Power and Warmth. How to handle it?

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Dear Readers,

The journey into yourself goes on today  like everyday. I am glad that you’ve stopped by on my blog right now. Maybe you are a random reader or a loyal subscriber to Vanilicious, whatever the case I suppose that you might cope with mental stress in your life, since you have landed on this article now.

What does actually this mental negativity means? Let us mention below some uncomfortable feelings, that every one of you has experienced in daily life:

  • the feelings of anxiety
  • uncertainty
  • dissatisfaction
  • self-criticism
  • self-doubt

No wonder that these kind of feelings are the obstacles to your presence, warmth and mental power. Feelings like fear or anxiety are designed to get you to do something. They are pushing you to action, either to resolve the problem or get out of the situation. These are natural feelings triggered by our survival mechanism. This is where all the negativity comes from. Let me give you a very simple example: the well know impostor syndrome (the feeling that we are just not good enough). More than 70% of the population has experienced this feeling at one time or another. How many of you in here feel that you are the one mistake in a group of people? 🙂

However, remember: only a few situations merit full energy from our side. 

How to handle it?

Take a deep breath

Really, learn how to breath 🙂

Destigmatize discomfort

Remember that uncomfortable emotions are normal, natural and simply a legacy of our survival instincts. Dedramatize.

Neutralize negativity

Don’t assure that all your thoughts are accurate. Just because your mind comes up with something doesn’t necessarily mean it has any validity. Assume that you are missing a lot of elements, which could be positive. Focus on the positive!

Rewrite reallity

There is an even better direction things will take instead!Consider a few alternative realities. Everything happens for a reason, so if things didn’t go well today, maybe there is a good reason behind that will lead to a better way.

I hope I have added some value to your day today and you are more relaxed. Do you have questions about it? If yes, I am happy to answer it below :). Or if you want me to share with you my perspectives on other topics, please let me know and I will do it in future posts.

See you next time!




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