Conscious mirroring

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Sunny day in Vienna and me sitting at Café Le Marché having some breakfast. I am trying to find some instant Inspiration from random people sitting around. You can’t force inspiration, as we all know, but when I play the quiet “observer” of the world (fact that I enjoy doing sometimes), interesting stuff come up that you would not observ when you are in a hurry (or in a worry) ;). Some of them are showing excitement, the others are concentrated on their mobile, a couple is double checking their booked flight and seem to be very calm.

I was thinking that it might also be interesting for you to get some brief insights into conscious mirroring concept (at least from my perspective and experience) associated with body language on one side and behavioural patterns on the other side.

**Creating the right vibes via body language** Did you know that imitating someone’s body language is an easy way to establish trust and rapport? As easy as that: when you consciously mirror someone’s body language, you activate deep instincts of trust and liking. Given the framework, it can be a great approach when you need someone to open up. Just do it the way it feels natural for you. When a person says ‘the vibes are right’ or that they ‘feel right’ around another person, they are unknowingly referring to mirroring behavior. Just start to be aware of this trick and put it into practice. After you establish the rapport with the other person, it might be easier for you to lead his emotions in the direction that you want.

**Our physiology affects our psychology** We all know that there are situations when you might encounter difficulties when controlling your own emotions. Especially when you are a leader of a group, you must know how to keep calm in difficult moments otherwise your team will be affected by the potential negative emotions, given the unfavourable situation. Maintain the right internal state so that you can broadcast the right body language. Nowadays also robots can have facial recognition skills being able to detect a human being’s emotions.

**Mirroring behavioural patterns** Well, did you ever ask yourself why you sometimes can’t deal with someone’s particular way of acting or being? In most of the cases, if this keeps on bothering you and you don’t know why, because actually you think it’s not even so important for you since anyway everybody is different, but it keeps on bothering you. It might be the case that you are mirroring the other person, what you don’t like about it, you don’t like about yourself. Make the choice to shift your attention inward, to focus the lens of curiosity onto ourselves.





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