What would YOU do for love?


Dear readers,

This week I was very inspired by the Miss Dior Campaign so much, therefore I had to finally write on the blog about the most powerful motivator: love.

Love has inspired me to create this blog – you gotta be a life lover not to be afraid to share your own stories with the rest of the world. To be a truly life love means that you have the belief that life is a gift and you have been gifted from the universe. My advice: any time when life is hard to you, don’t forget to ask the universe for what you desire. You will receive .. It’s funny because once a friend of mine told me, Ana, there are few people that would write on your blog what you write. It is because most of you, nowadays, are afraid to just be yourselves in front of other people. Judgment and society constraints can put a lot of pressure on you. My advice again.. BE YOU, it’s not about them, it’s your journey!

Most of us have so called luxury problems in life. Don’t forget to be compassionate with yourself and with others, be thankful for what you already have in your life and for the lessons that life gives to you in order to make you a better person. And here we go ..

Love has inspired me to be a better person – at least life gave me different lessons in order to evolve and become a better person.

Love has inspired me to become a snowboarder – a very simple example. At that time I never thought that snowboarding would be something for me. I was inspired by love and now I enjoy this sport every winter.

Love has inspired me to become a better beach volleyball player – another simple example. Small things make the difference.

What would I do for love? 

Guys, if you ever have the chance to meet real love in life, you can consider yourself one of the most luckiest persons. And here I am talking about love between two persons, and not love about life and God. The feelings is real and unconditional. I would go to the end of the world for love. And I would take risks. I would go out of my comfort zone. I would do anything to protect love.

I am very curious about you. What would YOU do for love? Don’t be afraid to drop me a line below,  the world is curious about your thoughts. Your opinion is valuable and worth to be shared!






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