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For all the people outside who try to make the world a better place …

In today’s article i felt to talk about originals. What does original mean for you? If you by chance check the dictionary, the noun original has 2 meanings: the earliest form of something from which copies can be made OR an eccentric/unusual person. Adam Grant is highlighting in his book (mentioned below) the two types of ambition: the child prodigies (a.k.a. geniuses, gifted people) and the creative ones (a.k.a. non-conformists or troublemakers or iconoclasts). Child prodigies rarely go on to change the world. While they have the intellectual gift, they must lack the social, emotional and practical skills. Practice makes perfect, but it doesn’t make new.

I have dedicated this article to the people who do try to move the world forward i.e. to the original ones, to the ones that embrace uncertainty and ignore social approval, the ones who dare to be original.

In order to be original, you need to take some risks. However, people often become original in one part of their lives while remaining relatively conventional in others. This is because having a sense of security in one part of our lives gives us the freedom to be original in another. According to Adam Grant, the successful originals take extreme risks in one arena and offset them with extreme caution in another.

Let us take a very basic example: how would you make wearing the Little Black Dress original?;) The Little black Dress can save you from most of the situations i.e. you can wear it at the office, at an event or whenever you feel like. Black will always be in adding a touch of elegance to your style. So you will be always on the safe side when wearing it. However, if you want your look to be rather interesting, you’ll have to create it. Below are some risky tricks about how you can create an original outfit and stand out of the crowd.

Anyone of us can champion ideas that improve the world around us! How do you do the world a better place?

Inspiration from “Originals” by Adam Grant






Wearing: Dune London sandals; Massimo Dutti Dress, FURLA bracellet, Zara bag

B. by Balenciaga fragrance



  1. August 17, 2017 / 11:28 pm

    This is a great post. I would like to think that I am original. The shoes are amazing. The detail on the heel is fun and unique.

  2. August 18, 2017 / 12:18 pm

    Yes, you are. Just believe more in yourself and don’t doubt 🙂

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