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Let us talk a bit about Charisma. People naively believe that Charisma is unchangeable, meaning you either have it or you don’t. I don’t think so. What i think, is that you can train your Charisma by creating an optimal mental state. Be kind, be love was my strategic mental state when travelling to Bali.

Now i realize that “warmth” is a key factor of charismatic behaviour. It can make people trust you, like you and want to help you. “What if i can’t access warmth?” Many people are confronted with┬áthis problem. Don’t worry, you are not heartless. Everybody can learn to access warmth, in case it doesn’t come naturally. Let us briefly explore together some steps necessary in achieving this magic state of mind:

  1. Step one: gratitude and appreciation
  2. Step two: goodwill and compassion
  3. Step three: self compassion

At the end of the day, i am just a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger, not a psychology one. But there is something about this Charisma Thing that is very interesting and catchy. This is the reason why i wanted to share it with you. It will catch you also as soon as you will get the taste of a balanced state of mind. I can recommend you a book called “The Charisma myth”, i bought it in Denpasar on my way back to Europe.

Coming back to the soft facts (more understandable for everyone): the pictures attached to this charismatic blog post are some months older. What i tried to do is to combine some warmth with chic and sporty components. I hope you like it! The hot component is for me the Coccinelle back i bought in Italy. It is very practical because it has 2 faces: a silver one and a gray one. You can wear it by your mood ..


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Amazing Photography by: Nenuphar Dreams


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