BALI°Travelling by a mood not by a map


Dear Readers,

It’s time to reveal some indonesian insights.

My experience in Indonesia was mainly driven by the idea of “self dicovery”, actually the basic concept behind creation of this blog. I took it as an experiment of self-reflection and exercising presence. Nothing felt more refreshing then to simply wake up in the morning and decide spontaneously based only on mood and intuition.

They say it’s a must to do a solo trip at least once in life. I agree with this fact, nevertheless i also agree with the thing that you should do what best fits you. Since i am not really the lonely type of person, i decided to share my experience with a quite neutral person, that i didn’t knew so good before. We just had similar friends and that was enough. Because of this trip, i had the chance to gain a new valuable friend: Hanna C. So the trip got the flavour of “Hanna&Ana” as all the people around used to call us like that :). “Hi, we are Hana & Ana”.

I have to say that the nature on the Island makes you feel automatically more grounded and balanced, away from normal environment. My favourite Island was Lombok because of the really natural flair and virgin beaches. You can find other pictures together with insider tipps in terms of surfing hot spots, Food, books and other interesting places on my instagram account vaniliciousvanilicious

Nevertheless, i am sure most of you reading this post have been at least once in a point when your life is not in full alignment. And this is more than OK, this is the point when you start to feel inner balance, growing opportunities, chances and maybe new perspectives that you thought before there are wrong. This is when you start to grow!









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