Perfectly imperfect


Hey! Let’s talk about being imperfect and why should you love being imperfect. In my early 20s i was obsessed with the idea to “fit” in the society standards defining beauty and style. Nowadays i am doing efforts not to be extravagant but natural as much as possible. I adore simplicity when it comes to styling. When i was younger, i hated the fact that my teeths were so big, my grandfather is nowadays still mad because i didn’t want to use my teeth brace at that time to have perfect teeths. In time, it was quite interesting to hear from other people that they like my teeths because they are imperfect and this makes me so People have lots of insecurities that they want to hide with ever price. Fair enough, but just don’t pretend be something that you are not, it’s the most unnatural think you could do. Because darling, you were born to be real not to be perfect.

The same logic works for your lifestyle. There is no perfect life, no perfect relationship, no perfect friends. We come to love not by finding a perfect person but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. The beauty hides itself in imperfection.

I’ve always wanted to do it right the first time… still hurts every time when it’s not perfect. 🙂 Now, hold on and keep on reading:

  1. I allow myself to make mistakes without being judgmental. – very hard
  2. I give others space to be imperfect without being critical – Aha .. 🙂
  3. I allow myself to be me – Sure 🙂
  4. I allow myself to love me just as I am – Ehm ..
  5. I allow myself to love others just as they are – work in progress 😉

What about you?









Photography: GL Photography

H&M outfit; COCINELLE bag; ZARA espadrilles

Creative story by Vanilicious


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