A soft vegan glimpse into 28



Today i’m going to share with you a glimpse of my detox lifestyle during age of 28. And no, i’m not gonna talk about body detox but about mind detox that works so good for me. In order to keep your natural glow that always comes from the inside at every age, you have to learn dealing with negative energy from outside and keeping yourself clean. Humans are feeling and emitting beings, so there is always opportunity to share energy, both positive and negative. Therefore, here are some insider tipps that you could reflect about:

*Cut off negative people from your area as much as you can. Surroundings have a tremendous impact on yourself.

*Spend time in the nature and train your body as much as you can. Physical training is associated with releasing endorphins which are responsible for “feeling good.” 🙂 I am doing lots of sports at the moment and i can feel the good change.

*Look for reasons to believe in yourself. Believing in yourself is all that matters. Please keep in mind, negative thoughts are only temporary obstacles .. There is always a solution.

*Learn to say no and don’t look for anyone else approval. The value of saying ‘no’ and ‘yes’ at the right moment is priceless.

My list can go on but i will stop here and talk a bit about how my style preferences that changed hand in hand with the detox process. I left bright colors behind and I prefer to go earthy: just crazy about earth tone colors, nude, organic fabrics and soft vegan fashion. I hated those colors before. They were flat and ugly – is it a question of age? I am not sure but getting closer to the nature, inside and outside, it’s definitely in for me. It makes me calm and makes me feel like .. myself 🙂 Thank you my dear Patricia Vincent for the organic dress and creative moments that makes us grow.














Story: by Vanilicious

Organic dress & purse: Patricia Vincent

Location: somewhere in time


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