Dear readers,

What do you think this post is all about? You are right, as promised, I’m describing you now the concept of freedom as mentioned in my previous posts so many times before. I’m letting go, so I can be free. Now you already know what I’m talking about. There is a huge amount of freedom that comes to you when you take nothing personally, because you know where you are grounded. You are aware of your beliefs, your values and you follow them. Freedom is a state of mind and lies on the other side of fear.

Now let me explain you something. During your journey, you get the amazing opportunity to meet so many different people. But only some of them have that thing, expressed in different forms. I might sound confusing sometimes, but i’m really doing my best to explain it to you. I’ve noticed, they develop that kind of emotional bounding to different things: habbits, moods or even other persons.
I’ve met persons that are so emotionally attached to a habbit, that if they might have to stop it, they lose own stability. They think, that if they let it go, their whole world will fall apart. You really think they are not strong enough or that they are so insecure about themselves so they have to project their energy on an outside thing? You see .. everyone of them is doing almost the same mistake: they search for answers more outside rather than inside. People, what about to feel yourself more rather than thinking so much in labels ruled by the outside world? What about letting go?

What about being free? 🙂


I’m wodering, how many of you reading this post, were prisoniers of their own mind at least once in this life. Happy to discuss.



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