Back to school


Does it happen to you just to want to get back being a student? If i could go back through time, i would do the same, maybe with some improvements though. Pure living la vida loca with exams and parties. When i was a child, i wanted to become a lawyer; during highschool i was in love with maths but nevertheless i was passionate about painting and creative things. For 8 years i played volleyball and it was an option as well to stay on the sporty track. But in the end i chose to study economics in german language and i don’t regret it. Though, i always need to compensate this side with other directions, only hobbies now.

Today’s outfit inspiration is supposed to be a back to school one. Together with my friend Carina,we picked up the University of Vienna as place for this shooting. I combined my Depot 96 shirt with a Benetton sweater, Zara office skirt and Miss Sixty boots. Here is the result, i hope you like it:







One thing is sure: i miss my school years like hell! 🙁


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