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Yes, you are vanilicious enough!

I achieved this by accepting what is happening instead of desiring things to be different. I wanted to stop hurting and knew that the only way was to be fully present and to stop obsessing on outside things over which I have no full control. I gave up on my projections for a perfect job, relationship and life and i’ve started working with what i’ve got! ;). I guess this happened to you as well at some point in your life: not feeling enough and most of the time spreading that negative feelings on the nearest person in you life.

Having perspective helped me see that everything that happens is a reaction to something else. Being able to focus on motives instead of responses gave me awareness.

Remember my first post on Vanilicious? The idea was about the journey of self discovery. Well, get to know yourself better day by day. Feel good with yourself. You are good enough! I am who I am by myself, and not who I am in response to someone else.

My lovely readers … besides the post message, i wanted to share with you this awsome pics took by Nicky Webb and show you how vanilicious i feel in this spring coat made by Patricia Vincent. I have to admit, she makes gorgeous cosy trenchcoats! I love the combination of purple and milky white. Next weekend she organised a big fashion event launching her newest collections. I can’t wait to be there to wear her clothes and take some awsome pics. Stay tuned!

I’d like to hear your wisdom on this one. Do you have any experience to share regarding this topic? Would be great to hear from you! šŸ™‚

Thank you and don’t forget to stay vanilicious! šŸ˜‰

I was wearing:

Masculine BENETTON shoes from my personal wardrobe
Self Confidence
Nicky Web Photography


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