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Good morning spring!

You promised me we will have a great time together! So this week i come up with another personal outfit that combines colors and noncolors embracing emotions and energy. Being comfortable experiencing and expressing mixed emotions is a predictor of improvements in well-being, while ignoring or evading negative feelings is not associated with boosts in well-being. Here are some negative emotions worth embracing:

Anger can be fueled into creativity. The negative emotions might just help you dig deeper into the problem and find a solution your happier self would never have uncovered.”

Loss can lead to gratitude. It can sometimes take losing something important to us to feel grateful for what we still have. But in the long term, overwhelming loss can become a powerful catalyst for deep, life-affirming gratitude.

Negative thoughts and emotions present an opportunity to cultivate mindfulness.
“We often wonder what to do about negativity or certain troubling emotions. In the spaciousness of meditation, you can view your thoughts and emotions with a totally unbiased attitude. When your attitude changes, then the whole atmosphere of your mind changes, even the very nature of your thoughts and emotions. When you become more agreeable, then they do; if you have no difficulty with them, they will have no difficulty with you either.”

What means spring for you?

I was wearing:

Forever 21 Jacket
H&M outfit
Adidas sneakers


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