I am a Very Emotional Person and I am Not Afraid about It



Happy to come back with a new post and thoughts!

This week i suggest one of my comfiest casual outfits: ZARA leather jacket, dark-blue Mango dress, ZARA boots, GUESS scarf and a vintage maxi-bag from Italy. Ideal for the spring beginn, you can combine similar items and get the look. ­čśë
Now let me share with you a thing that i might find important when formulating different kind of strategies in life: Learn to focus well-aimed (don’t mix it, learn to control it and don’t get distracted) We focus on different ways with different purposes. Concentrate.Focus on your own, on the others and on the universe as a whole. This might develop your emotional intelligence at it’s best. Lack of inward focusing can make us disoriented, lack on focus on the others could let us helpless behind and lack of external focus can bring unpleasant surprises. As i am a very emotional person, the “emotional intelligence” topic has always been for me very interesting. Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, assess, and control the emotions of oneself, of others, and of groups. You don’t simply have it, but you can train it. Most of people might think, when emotional, then weak. But i think you can turn emotions in one of the stronges skills that a person might have.

Can you fully concentrate whenever you want? How emotional do you think you are?:)


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