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Today it’s time for a change. Oh ..it might happen before you plan to do it, if it’s really important for you. What i mean to say is that, you don’t need a plan to make a change in your life to happen, you just do it. Now. And you are already in the process of controlling your thoughts and therefore your actions.

You might wonder what’s the connection between the fashion pics and the content of this post. Well i just try to bring a value added by sharring my yesterday experience combined to this Patricia Vincent spring blue coat. Because the change happened out of the blue!

The day before was an interesting day for me. I decided to make discipline in my life regarding every aspect: friends circle, relationship behaviour improving and career choices. I just coulnd’t make it anymore like that: feeling frequently missunderstood by girlfriends, not being so happy among the people in my previous job, hurting my boyfriend because all of my problems, seeking only for getaway opportunities. First i started thinking about it. For good! Often decisions are based more on reflex than on reflection. The risk of reflexive, knee-jerk decisions is that they tend to be based on what has worked before. That would be fine if our world was static, but it is not. People change. Doing what you’ve always done can be as risky (or more risky) as trying a new and unproven approach (Read Tipp http://blogs.hbr.org/2014/01/strengthen-your-strategic-thinking-muscles/).
Identification with your mind creates an opaque screen of concepts, labels, images, words, judgements and definitions that actually block all true relationship.
For me, the first step it just worked out. For the first time, in years, i felt i surpassed myself in a situation i’ve always thought it will be impossible. The secret is to find the power to control your thoughts and became aware. Aware means that you connect yourself to the indestructible essence of your Being. It will change your actions and your lifestyle as well. Be present and excercise.
Probably one of the first criterias in my next job will be the people and what really makes me happy.

By investing time and energy to reflect on the situations and decisions that face you; by finding ways to connect ideas and people that you had never linked before; and by having the courage to make choices about what you will do and what you won’t, you will greatly improve yourself.

Today i am grateful because i am what i am now.

I was wearing:

Outfit PATRICIA VINCENT www.patriciavincent.com
Nicky Web Photography http://nickywebbphotography.tumblr.com/


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